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Canadian Xpress® OrbX Freeware Tour

The OrbX Freeware Tour is our largest tour tour to date where you will visit some of the best freeware scenery available (FSX & P3D) and will travel from the most northern locations on main land North America, cross the wild tundra of the Canadian north to the most northern airport in the world and then on to Canada?s amazing eastern seaboard.

Experience the breath taking views along the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers, enjoy the Toronto skyline from the Inland airport and the power of Niagara Falls. Heading north again, explore the Canadian Shield, gaze in wonder of the wheat fields of the prairies and the foot hills and oil camps of Alberta, before finishing off in the Northern Rocky mountains.

The Orbx Freeware tour consists of 131 legs that must be flown in order.

All Canadian Xpress® pilots that successfully complete the tour will receive 25 bonus hours as well as the Canadian Xpress® OrbX Freeware Tour Award that will appear in their Pilot Details section of the Pilot Roster. To view the current statistics for the Canadian Xpress® OrbX Freeware Tour Award, click the Statistics link that is available via the Operations menu.

*OrbX graphics used in the Canadian Xpress® Orbx Freeware Tour are used with written permission from ©Orbx Simulation Systems.
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