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Canadian Xpress® Mayday Tour

The Canadian Xpress® Mayday tour features 30 episodes of the popular Discovery Channel series Mayday, which investigates air crashes, near-crashes, hijackings, bombings and other disasters. Mayday uses re-enactments and computer-generated imagery to reconstruct for its audiences the sequence of events leading up to each disaster. In addition, aviation experts, retired pilots and crash investigators are interviewed explaining how these emergencies came about, how they were investigated and how they could have been prevented.

Each leg starts at the departure airport of the accident flight and ends at either the intended destination or where the emergency landing took place.

The Canadian Xpress® Mayday tour consists of 30 legs that must be flown in order and includes 48 different airports located around the world flown by no less than 18 different aircraft from the Beechcraft B1900D to the Airbus A380-800. Needless to say, the whole Canadian Xpress® fleet will be put to the test!

All Canadian Xpress® pilots that successfully complete the tour will receive 25 bonus hours as well as the Canadian Xpress® Mayday Tour Award that will appear in their Pilot Details section of the Pilot Roster.

Please note that it is a violation of Both VATSIM & IVAO code of conduct to simulate a highjacking, crash or to use the call-sign of any of these events. Failure to respect this CoC will result in severe disiplinary action.

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