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Canadian Xpress® British Columbia Float Tour

The Canadian Xpress® British Columbia Float Tour is based on Harbour Air which is a scheduled service, tour and charter airline based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The all-seaplane airline specializes in routes between Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria, Sechelt, Comox, Whistler and the Gulf Islands, primarily with DeHavilland Canada floatplanes. Along with West Coast Air and Whistler Air, it operates DeHavilland Beavers, Otters and Twin Otters

The Canadian Xpress® British Columbia Float Tour consists of 34 legs that follow the routes of Harbour Air that must be flown in order using the Canadian Xpress® DeHavilland DHC-6F Twin Otter amphibian aircraft.

All Canadian Xpress® pilots that successfully complete the tour will receive 25 bonus hours as well as the Canadian Xpress® B.C. Float Tour Award that will appear in their Pilot Details section of the Pilot Roster. To view the current statistics for the Canadian Xpress® B.C. Float Tour Award, click the Statistics link that is available via the Operations menu.
Vancouver Hub:
Leg 1: Vancouver (CYHC) to Whistler(CAE5)
Leg 2: Whistler (CAE5) to Vancouver (CYHC)
Leg 3: Vancouver (CYHC) to Comox (CCX6)
Leg 4: Comox (CCX6) to Vancouver (CYHC)
Leg 5: Vancouver (CYHC) to Sechelt (CAX3)
Leg 6: Sechelt (CAX3) to Nanaimo (CAC8)
Leg 7: Nanaimo (CAC8) to Sechelt (CAX3)
Leg 8: Sechelt (CAX3) to Vancouver (CYHC)
Leg 9: Vancouver (CYHC) to Nanaimo (CAC8)
Leg 10: Nanaimo (CAC8) to Vancouver (CYHC)
Leg 11: Vancouver (CYHC) to Victoria (CYWH)
Leg 12: Victoria (CYWH) to Vancouver (CYHC)
Leg 13: Vancouver (CYHC) to Maple Bay (CMAP)
Leg 14: Maple Bay (CMAP) to Vancouver (CYHC)
Leg 15: Vancouver (CYHC) to Ganges (CAX6)
Leg 16: Ganges (CAX6) to Vancouver (CYHC)
Leg 17: Vancouver (CYHC) to Bedwell Harbour (CAB3)
Leg 18: Bedwell Harbour (CAB3) to Vancouver (CYHC)

South Vancouver Hub:
Leg 19: Vancouver (CAM9) to Sechelt (CAX3)
Leg 20: Sechelt (CAX3) to Vancouver (CAM9)
Leg 21: Vancouver (CAM9) to Nanaimo (CAC8)
Leg 22: Nanaimo (CAC8) to Vancouver (CAM9)
Leg 23: Vancouver (CAM9) to Maple Bay (CMAP)
Leg 24: Maple Bay (CMAP) to Vancouver (CAM9)
Leg 25: Vancouver (CAM9) to Ganges (CAX6)
Leg 26: Ganges (CAX6) to Vancouver (CAM9)
Leg 27: Vancouver (CAM9) to Bedwell Harbour (CAB3)
Leg 28: Bedwell Harbour (CAB3) to Vancouver (CAM9)
Leg 29: Vancouver (CAM9) to Victoria (CYWH)
Leg 30: Victoria (CYWH) to Vancouver (CAM9)

Victoria Hub:
Leg 31: Victoria (CYWH) to Whistler (CAE5)
Leg 32: Whistler (CAE5) to Victoria (CYWH)
Leg 33: Victoria (CYWH) to Pitt Meadows (CAJ8)
Leg 34: Pitt Meadows (CAJ8) to Victoria (CYWH)

Various freeware and payware scenery packages may be available to enhance your enjoyment of this tour depending on what flight simulator platform you use. Please feel free to visit the following sites to download and install add-on scenery:

Any VATSIM approved VFR route. Departures and arrivals must be in VFR conditions. In flight, you may file a VATSIM approved IFR route if required.

Click here to download all the float base locations that you can import into Plan-G.

Canadian Xpress® DeHavilland DHC-6F Twin Otter /F-CXAB Freeware or Payware
No other aircraft types are permitted.

Crew: (2) 500 Lbs
Payload: 80% max takeoff load after fuel
Fuel Load:
    • 40% in center tanks, 10% in each (If equipped with wing tanks)
    • 45% in center tanks (if not equipped with wing tanks)
Maximum Altitude: 6,500 feet

Fuel Reserves
Fuel is available only at the Tour Hubs and on Leg 32 at Whistler (CAE5) only. A 30 minute fuel reserve is in effect for all legs of this tour.

Fuel Stops / Layovers
Fuel stops not permitted, layovers are allowed.

These routes are to be flown under daylight conditions only. Must be flown real date; offsetting your flight sim time is allowed.

There are no start or end dates for this tour. You may fly it at your convenience.

1. All flights must be flown on-line on VATSIM, however IVAO flights will be accepted if you do not have a VATSIM account.
2. All legs must be flown in order.
3. There is no time limit for completing this tour.
4. You may fly at any altitude approved by ATC and within the limits of the aircraft.
5. When submitting your flight logs that contain any of the following will be rejected and you will have to re-fly the entire leg:
    • Any leg where the landing V/S exceeds -500 ft/min.
    • Cruise altitude must not exceed 6,500 feet.
    • Failure to meet the required fuel loading.
    • Flying an incorrect altitude for your direction of flight.
    • Remaining fuel exceeds 240 minutes.
    • Aircraft speed or altitude exceeds aircraft limits.
    • Flying an incorrect altitude for your type of flight (VFR vs IFR altitudes).
6. All flights must be logged with CXAcars.
7. You must us real world weather. Flights made with zero weather will be rejected.
8. You must keep all engines running at all times while airborne; you cannot shut an engine down to save fuel.

Flight Validation
This is a multi-leg event. Each leg needs its own flight log file. Remember to stop CXAcars after each landing and save that log file before sending it to the website.

Your flight logs* must be sent to in order to be validated for the tour. Please include the following in the subject line:
• B.C. Float Tour.
• Call-sign.
• Leg number.

Email the flight log for each individual leg once complete. Each leg of each flight will be validated using the CXA Challenge Scoring System.

Hard landings, insufficient fuel reserves, incorrect altitude for direction of flight, etc. will result in having your flight rejected and you will have to re-fly that leg and any subsequent legs. Documentation on our scoring system is available via the Help section of our website.

* See How to Send Your Flight Log below for instructions on how to send your flight log.

Current Statistics
As each flight log is validated, you will receive an automated e-mail indicating whether your flight was accepted or rejected. In the case where a flight was rejected, a reason as to why the flight was rejected will be indicated.

Current statistics and your progress on the tour can be found by visiting the Statistics link that is available via the Operations menu.

How to Send Your Flight Log
Please don?t send a link to the files that are on the server or paste the log in your e-mail message. Please send your flight log as an attachment in your e-mail. The tools that are used for this tour opens the text file and looks for keywords to grab the flight information that is needed.

To save your flight log in the correct format, complete your flight as usual and then accept it. Before you send the flight to the web site, Click on the Save button in CXAcars.

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