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Canadian Xpress® Formula 1 Tour Award Statistcs

Formula 1 is the top of all motor sports and is the only organization that holds races on all four hemispheres around the world including Montreal, Melbourne, Suzuka and Sao Paulo. Each race has 25-30 Teams with thousands of pounds of equipment that needs to be moved to these points around the world.

Canadian Xpress® has been a long time supporter of Forumula 1 and this year we have won the primary contract to help move teams from race to race around the world.

The Formula 1 tour consists of 20 legs based on the Forumla 1 2013 schedule that must be flown in order. Click here for information and to get started on the Canadian Xpress® Formula 1 Tour or visit the Formula 1 Tour link that is available via the Events menu.

All Canadian Xpress® pilots that successfully complete the tour will receive 25 bonus hours as well as the Canadian Xpress® Formula 1 Tour Award that will appear in their Pilot Details section of the Pilot Roster.

PilotIDNameTour StatusAwarded
CXA001Marc WheelerLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA004John SousaLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA007Dave WeeseLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA011Mark WalshLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA014Claude PradierLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA052Paul MercierLeg 1 - Complete
CXA100Joe RobertsLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA109Bill WheelerLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA346Eric DziuraLeg 11 - Complete
CXA522Marc-Andre LalandeLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA557Todd MalekLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA844Richard SouaidLeg 4 - Rejected
CXA894Willie PretoriusLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA911Franklin DuncanLeg 20 - Complete Received Award
CXA963Ulrich NiekampLeg 20 - Complete Received Award

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