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Canadian Xpress® Caribbean Cruise Tour Award Statistcs

The Canadian Xpress® Caribbean Cruise Tour consists of 88 legs which must be flown in order. Starting in West Palm Beach, Florida, the jumping-on point for many of the cruise ships that ply the waters in the area, and what follows is a 8,500 nm tour of 88 stops spanning 30 countries following the island chain south and east, before turning and following the coastline up the western side of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, to the Florida Keys before finally returning to Palm Beach International Airport.

All Canadian Xpress® pilots that successfully complete the tour will receive 25 bonus hours as well as the Canadian Xpress® Caribbean Cruise Tour Award that will appear in their Pilot Details section of the Pilot Roster.

Click here for information and to get started on the Canadian Xpress® Caribbean Cruise Tour.

PilotIDNameTour StatusAwarded
CXA001Marc WheelerLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA004John SousaLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA007Dave WeeseLeg 72 - Complete
CXA021Michael MarquardtLeg 19 - Complete
CXA032Lee Van GinhovenLeg 18 - Complete
CXA100Joe RobertsLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA225David SmartLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA259Ethan FortierLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA322Michel RobichaudLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA401Akeem ChesneyLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA461Mike KennyLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA512Ben LorenczLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA522Marc-Andre LalandeLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA542Wayne WelchLeg 1 - Complete
CXA567Dean FullerLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA574Sergio CamposLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA583Maksim TiutinLeg 9 - Complete
CXA584Darrell PodaimaLeg 2 - Complete
CXA667Matt GaboriaultLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA673David VollantLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
CXA702John BeatonLeg 87 - Complete
CXA766Trevor ValerieLeg 8 - Rejected
CXA839Stephen PrendergastLeg 2 - Complete
CXA924Claude JoannetteLeg 88 - Complete Received Award
*Canadian Xpress® tour statistics do not include pilots who are no longer members.

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