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Canadian Xpress® 5-Year Anniversary Tour Award Statistcs

To celebrate our 5 years of operation, Canadian Xpress® is going on a tour that consists of 13 legs and a 38,739 nautical mile trip around the world.

The Canadian Xpress® 5-Year Anniversary World Tour starts at our headquarters in Montreal where you will pick up one of our Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft (rank of Master ATP Captain or higher required) and begin your journey around the world.

All Canadian Xpress® pilots that successfully complete the tour will receive 25 bonus hours as well as the Canadian Xpress® 5-Year Anniversary Tour Award that will appear in their Pilot Details section of the Pilot Roster.

Click here for information and to get started on the Canadian Xpress® 5-Year Anniversary Tour.

PilotIDNameTour StatusAwarded
CXA001Marc WheelerLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA004John SousaLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA007Dave WeeseLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA032Lee Van GinhovenLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA100Joe RobertsLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA109Bill WheelerLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA179Bob VargaLeg 1 - Rejected
CXA259Ethan FortierLeg 12 - Complete
CXA346Eric DziuraLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA522Marc-Andre LalandeLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA567Dean FullerLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA574Sergio CamposLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA667Matt GaboriaultLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA724Alain RossLeg 5 - Complete
CXA839Stephen PrendergastLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
CXA894Willie PretoriusLeg 6 - Complete
CXA924Claude JoannetteLeg 13 - Complete Received Award
*Canadian Xpress® tour statistics do not include pilots who are no longer members.

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