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Canadian Xpress® Fly-Ins
Each month, Canadian Xpress® hosts our monthly fly-in event. We try to diverify as much as possible by flying to different destinations around the world.

We encourage all Canadian Xpress® pilots no matter what your flying experience to participate and enjoy challenging routes and a have a lot of fun as this is a great opportunity to meet fellow Canadian Xpress® pilots and learn from each other's experience.

One lucky Canadian Xpress® pilot* (staff included) will win any Just Flight Product from:
*Please see Fly-In PDF for contest details and eligibility requirements.

Are you looking for a route to fly? Why not try one of our previous fly-in routes!

North to Alaska Part IIFebruary 24th, 202421h00est (02h00z)KSANKSFO
North to Alaska Part IJanuary 27th, 202421h00est (02h00z)MMSDKSAN
AspenDecember 16th, 202321h00est (02h00z)KICTKASE
TampaNovember 25th, 202321h00est (02h00z)KTPAMYNN
SalemOctober 28th, 202321h00edt (01h00z)CYHZKBOS
Leeward IslandsSeptember 30th, 202321h00edt (01h00z)NTAANTTB
Hot & HighAugust 26th, 202321h00edt (01h00z)KPHXKTEX
AtlantaJuly 29th, 202321h00edt (01h00z)KIADKATL
CalgaryJune 24th, 202321h00edt (01h00z)CYVRCYYC
MadeiraMay 27th, 202321h00edt (01h00z)LPPILPMA
ParoApril 22nd, 202321h00edt (01h00z)VNKTVQPR
Heading South - Part IVMarch 25th, 202321h00edt (01h00z)MBPVTNCM
Heading South - Part IIIFebruary 25th, 202321h00est (02h00z)KFLLMBPV
Heading South - Part IIJanuary 28th, 202321h00est (02h00z)KDCAKFLL
Heading South - Part IDecember 17th, 202221h00est (02h00z)CYHZKDCA
40th Anniversary of FS - Part IINovember 26th, 202221h00est (02h00z)CYBDCYCG
40th Anniversary of FS - Part IOctober 29th, 202221h00edt (01h00z)KJFKKORD
The Golden CoastSeptember 24th, 202221h00edt (01h00z)KSEAKSFO
Second BusiestAugust 27th, 202221h00edt (01h00z)KPHXKSAN
Hawaiian HopJuly 30th, 202221h00edt (01h00z)PHLIPHOG
QueenstownJune 25th, 202221h00edt (01h00z)NZAANZQN
JuneauMay 28th, 202221h00edt (01h00z)PAJNCYVR
Not the LargestApril 23rd, 202221h00edt (01h00z)CYSJCYOW
March BreakMarch 26th, 202221h00edt (01h00z)KMYRCYYZ or CYTZ
TellurideFebruary 19th, 202221h00est (02h00z)KDENKTEX
Cabo San LucasJanuary 22nd, 202221h00est (02h00z)KSANMMSL
Bora BoraDecember 18th, 202121h00est (02h00z)NTAANTTB
NassauNovember 27th, 202121h00est (02h00z)TNCMMYNN
SalemOctober 30th, 202121h00edt (01h00z)KBTVKBVY
One of our FavoritesSeptember 25th, 2021See PDFVIDPVQPR
New BeginningAugust 28th, 2021See PDFCYKGCYPQ
St. Lawrence RiverJuly 31st, 2021See PDFCYZVCYUL
Haida GwaiiJune 26th, 2021See PDFPAKTCYVR
Victoria DayMay 22nd, 2021See PDFCYTZCYQA
Spring Time in the MountainsApril 24th, 2021See PDFKASEKTEX
Beach TimeMarch 27th, 2021See PDFTNCMMYNN
Ski VacationFebruary 27th, 2021See PDFKJACKTEX
Over the RockiesJanuary 30th, 2021See PDFCYEGCYYJ
Capitals of the PrairiesDecember 19th, 2020See PDFCYWGCYQR
Capitals of Central CanadaNovember 28th, 2020See PDFCYQBCYYZ
Capitals of the East Coast IIOctober 31st, 2020See PDFCYFCCYHZ
Capitals of the East Coast ISeptember 19th, 2020See PDFCYYTCYYG
Land of the Midnight SunAugust 29th, 2020See PDFCYEGCYZF
LakeheadJuly 25th, 2020See PDFCYYXCYQT
QE2 HighwayJune 27th, 2020See PDFCYEGCYYC
Western ExpressMay 23rd, 2020See PDFCYWGCYVR
Paro, BhutanApril 25th, 2020See PDFVIDPVQPR
March Break VacationMarch 28th, 2020See PDFKJACKTEX
Winter WonderlandFebruary 29th, 2020See PDFAM: CYTZ–CYFJPM: CYJF-CYTZ
Okanagan ValleyJanuary 25th, 2020See PDFCYVRCYLW
Rocking New Year's PartyDecember 28th, 2019See PDFCYTZKTEB
Caribbean LifeNovember 30th, 2019See PDFMYNNTNCM
Northern LightsOctober 19th, 2019See PDFCYYCCYZF
Kilimanjaro IISeptember 21st, 2019See PDFHAABHTKJ
Turn Around DayAugust 24th, 2019See PDFPAJNCYVR
A Giant Leap for MankindJuly 20th, 2019See PDFCYZRKAXV
Chicago-Cincy CrossfireJune 22nd, 2019See PDFKORDKCVG
Cross the RockiesMay 25th, 2019See PDFCYYCCYVR
A Day in the SimApril 27th, 2019See PDFKEWRKDCA
Canada's BusiestMarch 23rd, 2019See PDFCYULCYYZ
ParoFebruary 23rd, 2019See PDFVIDPVQPR
Ice Wine CountryJanuary 26th, 2019See PDFCYHUCYSN
St. MaartenDecember 29th, 2018See PDFKMIATNCM
FedExOctober 20th, 2018See PDFCYYZKMEM
BaltimoreSeptember 29th, 2018See PDFCYYZKBWI
SalzburgAugust 25th, 2018See PDFEHAMLOWS
ChicagoJuly 14th, 2018See PDFCYULKMDW
San DiegoJune 16th, 2018See PDFKSFOKSAN
Kennedy InternationalMay 12th, 2018See PDFCYOWKJFK
City of RosesApril 21st, 2018See PDFKSLCKPDX
Washington DCMarch 31st, 2018See PDFCYYZKDCA
Winter GetawayFebruary 24th, 2018See PDFKDENKTEX
Phoenix OpenJanuary 27th, 2018See PDFXXXXKPHX
Home for the HolidaysDecember 16th, 2017See PDFXXXXCYUL
St. MaartenNovember 25th, 2017See PDFKMIATNCM
Fright FlightOctober 28th, 2017See PDFKEWRKAVL
DisneySeptember 23rd, 2017See PDFKVLDKORL
Kelowna RunAugust 19th, 2017See PDFCYEGCYLW
TahitiJuly 22nd, 2017See PDFNCRGNTAA
Return to Kai TakJune 24th, 2017See PDFRPLLVHHX
Moonlight MadnessMay 27th, 2017See PDFKBOSCYYZ
Return to MadeiraApril 22nd, 2017See PDFLPFRLPMA
La Grande - 2March 18th, 2017See PDFCYKLCYGL
QueenstownFebruary 18th, 2017See PDFNZAANZQN
St-MaartenJanuary 21st, 2017See PDFKMIATNCM
Georgian BayDecember 17th, 2016See PDFKBHBCNK4
Eagle CountyNovember 19th, 2016See PDFCYWGKEGE
SamosOctober 15th, 2016See PDFLSGGLSGM
Greenland's CapitalSeptember 17th, 2016See PDFCYFBBGGH
Panama CanalAugust 20th, 2016See PDFMGGTMPTO
Burj KhalifaJuly 23rd, 2016See PDFUBBBOMBD
FlightSimConJune 11th, 2016See PDFCYHZKBDL
Alpine EscapadeMay 21st, 2016See PDFLFMLLOWI
European CommuteApril 23rd, 2016See PDFLSZHEGLC
Ski WeekendMarch 26th, 2016See PDFCYTZCYFJ
Devil's TriangleFebruary 20th, 2016See PDFKJFKTXKF
Everyone's FavoriteJanuary 23rd, 2016See PDFPAJNPAKT
Ice & SnowDecember 19th, 2015See PDFCYZFCYVQ
Return to Saint MaartenNovember 28th, 2015See PDFKMIATNCM
World Series Game 4October 31st, 2015See PDFKMCIKLGA
Happy 19th MS FS95September 26th, 2015See PDFCYYZKORD
6th AnniversaryAugust 29th, 2015See PDFCYQMCYUL
Mighty Planes B732July 25th, 2015See PDFCYVOCYVP
FlightSimConJune 13th, 2015See PDFPilot's ChoiceKBDL
Client MeetingMay 16th, 2015See PDFCYULKPVD
TellurideApril 25th, 2015See PDFKOAKKTEX
Spring BreakMarch 21st, 2015See PDFKMCOCYYZ
Paro, BhutanFebruary 21st, 2015See PDFVIDPVQPR
The TropicsJanuary 24th, 2015See PDFKPHLMYNN
Cold!December 20th, 2014See PDFUHMMUEEE
Remembering ThoseNovember 15th, 2014See PDFCYOWCYHZ
Aurora BorealisOctober 18th, 2014See PDFCYVRCYZF
Equipment DeliverySeptember 20th, 2014See PDFCYQBCZUM
5th Anniversary Fly-InAugust 23rd, 2014See PDFCYQMCYUL
Isle of ManJuly 19th, 201421h00edt (01h00z)EDDFEGNS
Summer SolsticeJune 21st, 201421h00edt (01h00z)PANC or PAJNPAKT
Mount St. HelensMay 17th, 201421h00edt (01h00z)KDENKSEA
ConcordeApril 19th, 201420h00edt (24h00z)LFPGLPAZ
Spring Break SkiingMarch 22nd, 201421h00edt (01h00z)CYTZCYFJ
Farewell SochiFebruary 22nd, 201421h00est (02h00z)LTBAURSS
Ice Wine CountryJanuary 25th, 201421h00est (02h00z)CYHUCYSN
Christmas IslandDecember 21st, 201321h00est (02h00z)PHKOPLCH
Busy BrazilNovember 23rd, 201321h00est (02h00z)SBRJ-SBSPSBSP-SBRJ
Northern LightsOctober 19th, 201321h00edt (01h00z)CYFBBGTL
South East AsiaSeptember 21st, 201321h00edt (01h00z)VVNBVTSP
Lobster & CrabAugust 17th, 201321h00edt (01h00z)CYZV-CYQMCYQM-CYGR
Mediterranean VacationJuly 13th, 201310h00edt (14h00z)DTTJ-LYTVLYTV-LGSK
San DiegoJune 15th, 201321h00edt (01h00z)MMPRKSAN
KamchatkaMay 18th, 201321h00edt (01h00z)UHHHUHPP
The Masters TournamentApril 13th, 201321h00edt (01h00z)KSATKATL
Easter IslandMarch 16th, 201320h00edt (24h00z)SPIMSCIP
Fresh Powder SnowFebruary 16th, 201321h00est (02h00z)CYLWKJAC
MadeiraJanuary 19th, 201321h00est (02h00z)LPFRLPMA
White ChristmasDecember 15th, 201221h00est (02h00z)KBLIPAKT
Paro, BhutanNovember 17th, 201221h00est (02h00z)VIDPVQPR
Saint MaartenOctober 13th, 201221h00edt (01h00z)KMIATNCM
Flying the AndesSeptember 15th, 201210h00edt (14h00z)SEQU-SPSTSPST-SPZO
Canada West to North WestAugust 18th, 201209h00edt (13h00z)CYYJCYZF
London 2012 OlympicsJuly 14th, 2012Landing 17h00zPilots ChoiceEGKK
Geysers to GlaciersJune 16th, 201221h00edt (01h00z)KWYS-KJAC-KIDAKIDA-KSUN-2U7
Ancient WorldsMay 19th, 201209h00edt (13h00z)HECALGAV
Season OpenerApril 14th, 201220h00edt (24h00z)KMDW-KSDFKSDF-KDCA
Return of the SnowbirdsMarch 17th, 201209h00edt (13h00z)KSRQCYYZ
Venice Carnival & DolomitesFebruary 18th, 201220h30est (01h30z)LICJ-LIPZLIPV-LIPB
In Memory of Pappy BoyingtonJanuary 21st, 201219h00est (24h00z)AGGN - AYBKAYBK - AYTK
Gateway to the ArcticDecember 18th, 201120h00est (01h00z)CYSBCYMO
Island ParadiseNovember 19th, 201109h00est (14h00z)NCRG-NTAANTAA-NTBB
Corporate MeetingOctober 22nd, 201120h00edt (23h59z)KLAX-L06L06-KLAS
Look Up, Way-Way UpSeptember 17th, 201110h00edt (14h00z)VGZR-ZUBDZUBD-ZULS
2nd Year Anniversary Fly-InAugust 20th, 201109h00edt (13h00z)CYHZ-CYOWCYOW-CYAM
Jewels of the Indian OceanJuly 23rd, 201109h00edt (13h00z)FSIAVRMM
Cross the PondJune 18th, 201108h00edt (12h00z)CYYTEIDW
TahitiMay 21st, 201121h00edt (01h00z)NCRGNTAA
From a Mile-High to the DesertApril 16th, 201120h00edt (23h59z)KDEN-KLASKLAS-KTUS
Land of the Rising SunMarch 27th, 201109h00edt (13h00z)RJFU-RJGG-RJSNRJSN-RJBB
Canadian PrairiesFebruary 19th, 201121h00est (02h00z)CYWG-CYXECYXE-CYYC
Discovering PolandJanuary 23rd, 201110h00est (15h00z)EPRZ-EPGDEPGD-EPWA
Northern ChristmasDecember 19th, 201010h00est (15h00z)CYRBCYEV
Tierra del FuegoNovember 20th, 201021h00est (02h00z)SAZSSAWH
The North CascadesOctober 17th, 201019h59edt (23h59z)CYXC-KSFFKSFF-CYCG
Baltic Sea & ScandinaviaSeptember 18th, 201010h00edt (14h00z)EETN-EKCHEKCH-ENVA
1st Anniversary Fly-InAugust 29th, 201010h00edt (14h00z)CYQMCYXU
Le Tour de FranceJuly 18th, 201010h00edt (14h00z)EHRD-LFLBLFLB-LFBP-LFPO
Stanley Cup FeverJune 13th, 201019h30edt (23h30z)KORDKPHL
KilimanjaroMay 23rd, 201020h00edt (00h00z)HAABHTKJ
Aleutian IslandsApril 16th, 201020h30edt (00h30z)PADK-PADUPADU-PACD
ColombiaMarch 13th, 201013h30est (18h30z)SKBO-SKPSSKPS-SKPE
Vancouver 2010 OlympicsFebruary 12th, 201020h00est (01h00z)CYXE-CYYCCYYC-CYVR
Kai TakJanuary 23rd, 201013h30est (18h30z)RPLLVHHX
Christmas SpiritDecember 19th, 200913h00est (18h00z)CYLT-CYEUCYEU-CYFB
The Gulf of Saint LawrenceNovember 21st, 200913h00est (18h00z)CYQBCYYT
The Canary IslandsOctober 16th, 200920h00edt (23h59z)GCGM-GCLP-GCHIGCHI-GCGM
From Coast To CoastSeptember 19th, 200913h00est (17h00z)CYUL / CYVRCYWG

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