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Canadian Xpress Virtual Airline®
Canadian Xpress® is a Canadian based virtual airline that officially launched on September 4th 2009 and has adopted a free flying policy which means that you are permitted to fly any Canadian Xpress® aircraft that is available for your rank, on any route, at any time.

We support flights on both the VATSIM & IVAO networks and use CXAcars our own custom application to automatically log flights in order to save you the hassle of manually filing your flight reports.

The Canadian Xpress® fleet consists of a wide range of freeware aircraft and payware liveries for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and Laminar Research X-Plane simulators with custom liveries, panels, sounds & flight dynamics that fly as realistically possible (within the constraints of the flight simulator). For every freeware aircraft in our fleet, the Canadian Xpress® livery is available for the most popular payware models.

Pilot participation is the key at Canadian Xpress® and we encourage this by hosting multiple events including our Monthly Fly-In and Sunday Flight Night. We also have our Monthly Challenge, that is a mission based challenge. Pilots get to test their skills in flying a given scenario. The winner of this challenge gets a month's worth of bragging rights in addition to bonus hours added to their flight log, our Monthly Challenge Award as well as other prizes that vary from month to month. More information regarding our events can be found by visiting the Events menu.

Other features available to Canadian Xpress® that are worth mentionning include:
  • Fly any Canadian Xpress aircraft that is in our fleet regardless of rank, on any route, at any time.
  • Flight Tracker: To track your flights and see who else is flying and on what network.
  • Fuel Calculator: Calculate the fuel requirements including reserves, alternate, etc. and flight duration for any CXA aircraft.
  • Route Database: Easily find a flight plan for any route that has been previously flown by a CXA pilot.
  • CXA Model Sets: See other CXA pilots in our livery when flying on VATSIM with the vPilot & xPilot clients.
  • CXA GSX Ground Services Model Set: All ground vehicles will display Canadian Xpress® logos and colors.
  • CXA-TV: Broadcast screen shots of your flight in real time.
  • Twitch Integration: The CXA web site is setup so that other pilots will see when you are streaming live video of your flight on Twitch.
  • Awards Program: To highlight the accomplishments of those pilots who are very active within our organization.
  • Help Section: Tips & tricks to get the most out of your flight simulation experience.
  • Pilots Forum: Discussions regarding aviation, troubleshooting, photo gallery, video gallery, etc.
  • Add-On Scenery: Custom easy to install add-on scenery available exclusively to CXA pilots.
  • Shockwave 3D Lights Redux™ Retrofits configurations files for a majority of the aircraft in our fleet.
  • Training Section: Features tutorials on flight procedures, etc.
  • Discord Server: Great for posting pictures, videos & getting to know other CXA pilots and adds to the enjoyment of group flights, etc.
  • Facebook Page: Visit us on Facebook for announcements on major news and events.
  • X (Formerly Twitter): Follow us on X and keep up to date on what is new at Canadian Xpress®.
  • YouTube Channel: Featuring various CXA videos.
  • Special Offers: Discounts on add-ons exclusively for CXA pilots.
  • And much, much more...
Canadian Xpress® is more than just a virtual airline. We are community of flight enthusiasts who have a passion for all that has to do with aviation & flight simulation.

For more information on all these features, how Canadian Xpress® operates and what you can do to get the most out of Canadian Xpress®, please download the Pilots Handbook that is available via the Help menu.

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