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Canadian Xpress® Canada 150th Tour Award Statistcs

In celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary, tour the great nation of Canada. Starting at the first Capital of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, fly to each provincial and territory capital in the order they entered Confederation.

The Canada 150th tour is to be flown with our Boeing 737-700, however, Kingston airport is not rated for an aircraft of that size, therefore, for the first leg, pilots are welcome to fly whatever Canadian Xpress® prop aircraft they would like into Toronto (CYYZ) and then swtich to the Boeing 737-700 for the remainder of the tour.

All Canadian Xpress® pilots that successfully complete the tour will receive 25 bonus hours as well as the Canadian Xpress® Canada 150th Tour Award that will appear in their Pilot Details section of the Pilot Roster. To view the current statistics for the Canadian Xpress® Canada 150the Tour Award, click the Statistics link that is available via the Operations menu.

PilotIDNameTour StatusAwarded
CXA001Marc WheelerLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA004John SousaLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA007Dave WeeseLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA011Mark WalshLeg 8 - Complete
CXA014Claude PradierLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA029Matt GaboriaultLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA100Joe RobertsLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA179Bob VargaLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA185Gilles-Gabriel GouffranLeg 7 - Complete
CXA210Jeff RowlandLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA232Lee Van GinhovenLeg 1 - Complete
CXA320Eduardo Caldera-PetitLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA362Mike ScottLeg 6 - Complete
CXA436Ken SchneiderLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA469Gord HoffLeg 7 - Complete
CXA520Rob BabiakLeg 4 - Complete
CXA522Marc-Andre LalandeLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA524Mike ChuteLeg 7 - Complete
CXA576Gaetan GelinasLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA638Deon JonkerLeg 2 - Rejected
CXA726Steve OsterLeg 3 - Complete
CXA736Jeffrey McmillanLeg 6 - Pending Approval
CXA780Mark TrumbleLeg 4 - Complete
CXA781David VollantLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA784Jean Pierre PujalsLeg 2 - Complete
CXA807Frank PhlippoLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA822Robert AnselmoLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA839Stephen PrendergastLeg 8 - Complete
CXA844Richard SouaidLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA855Sam MundenLeg 7 - Complete
CXA894Willie PretoriusLeg 6 - Complete
CXA924Claude JoannetteLeg 14 - Complete Received Award
CXA943Ed EasterbrookLeg 2 - Rejected

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