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Canadian Xpress® VATSIM Pilot Rating Program
Canadian Xpress® was the first Virtual Airline to receive approval to become an ATO (Authorized Training Orgranization) for the VATSIM Pilot Rating Program.

The VATSIM Pilot Rating Program is designed to provide pilots with recognition for having demonstrated success in online flying at several levels:
  • P0: Not Rated;
  • P1: VATSIM Online Pilot;
  • P2: VATSIM Flight Fundamentals
  • P3: VATSIM VFR Pilot
  • P4: VATSIM IFR Pilot;
  • P5: VATSIM Advanced IFR Pilot;
  • P6: VATSIM International and Oceanic Pilot;
  • P7: VATSIM Helicopter VFR and IFR Pilot;
  • P8: VATSIM Military Special Operations Pilot;
  • P9: Pilot Flight Instructor;
As of September 26th, 2010, Canadian Xpress® has been a VATSIM Authorized Training Orgranization. We are currently able to train, evaluate and issue P1 & P2 ratings to our pilots.

The VATSIM P1 Rating program is ideal for new pilots who have never flown online before, but is also a prerequisite for more experienced pilots who wish to obtain their P2, P3, etc. rating in the future.

Our VATSIM P1 & P2 Rating programs includes:
  • Addition of online training courses to assist pilots in obtaining their VATSIM ratings;
  • Development of the written exam & practical exams;
  • Addition of a new Canadian Xpress Awards for those who obtain their VATSIM ratings.
Canadian Xpress® is currently able to issue VATSIM P1 & P2 ratings and we do intend to apply for and get approval to be able to evaluate pilots for VATSM P2, P3, P4, etc. in the future.

Click here to view the VATSIM P1 Lessons and to work on getting your VATSIM P1 Rating.
Click here to view the VATSIM P2 Lessons and to work on getting your VATSIM P2 Rating.

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