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Canadian Xpress® Monthly Challenge Statistics
Each month, Canadian Xpress® puts your piloting skills to the test with our monthly challenge. The route and aircraft always vary but a challenge and a lot of fun is guarenteed.

Click here for information and to get started on this month's Canadian Xpress® Monthly Challenge or visit the Monthly Challenge link that is available via the Events menu.

January 2020
Pilot IDNameScoreAttemptCommentsStaff
CXA401Akeem Chesney-6.02249:59 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA235Jim Cardwell7.30146:18 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA566Richard McMaster11.55140:33 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA222Brendan McCoy33.06163:03 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA512Ben Lorencz89.11189:07 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA703Martin Cook95.04194:02 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA168Christian Corkery97.661155:40 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA592Jacques Lauzon150.00167:00 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA103Joerg Unland167.901132:54 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA192Hans-Ulrich Zimmermann204.72173:43 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA425Andy Keeney800.001Fuel remaining exceeds 240 minutes reserve
CXA299Luke Bettis800.001Insufficient IFR fuel reserve. Fuel left 14:27
CXA132Andre Lamy800.001Insufficient IFR fuel reserve. Fuel left in minute
CXA007Dave Weese45.55181:33 minutes reserve fuel. Canadian Xpress Staff
CXA004John Sousa164.93196:56 minutes reserve fuel. Canadian Xpress Staff
CXA001Marc Wheeler273.99172:60 minutes reserve fuel. Canadian Xpress Staff
*Canadian Xpress® staff are not eligible to win prizes.

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