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Canadian Xpress® Monthly Challenge Statistics
Each month, Canadian Xpress® puts your piloting skills to the test with our monthly challenge. The route and aircraft always vary but a challenge and a lot of fun is guarenteed.

Click here for information and to get started on this month's Canadian Xpress® Monthly Challenge or visit the Monthly Challenge link that is available via the Events menu.

March 2019
Pilot IDNameScoreAttemptCommentsStaff
CXA567Dean Fuller36.18249:11 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA566Richard McMaster75.79245:47 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA512Ben Lorencz96.75164:21 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA346Eric Dziura102.57133:35 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA467Derek Jager156.35257:24 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA158Raouf Rizk205.60380:24 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA844Richard Souaid237.52149:22 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA425Andy Keeney507.301331:19 minutes reserve fuel.
CXA007Dave Weese44.23142:33 minutes reserve fuel. Canadian Xpress Staff
*Canadian Xpress® staff are not eligible to win prizes.

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