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Canadian Xpress® Fleet Summary
As Canadian Xpress® supports several different flight simulators and both freeware & payware aircraft, this page is summary of all the supported aircraft in our fleet and under what flight simulator version they will run.

It is Canadian Xpress® policy that no one be obligated to purchase any payware aircraft in order to fly with us.

That being said, there are those who wish to increase their level of realism by flying payware aircraft that increases the enjoyment of this great hobby of ours and for that reason, we have made the Canadian Xpress® livery available for payware aircraft where we have an equivalent freeware model in our fleet.

It is important to note that we only supply the payware livery (textures) which can be downloaded from each individual aircraft fleet page. Please refer to the chart below for Canadian Xpress® approved payware aircraft that may be used when logging flights with us.

If you would like more information any of these payware aircraft, you can click on the Publisher in the chart below which will bring you directly to their web site.
Aerospatiale ATR72-500Canadian Xpress® ATR 72-500Canadian Xpress®XXXXX
Aerospatiale ATR72-500Flight One ATR 72-500Flight 1 SoftwareXX
Aerospatiale ATR72-500ATR Series PackVirtualcol XXX
Aerospatiale ATR72-500Aerosoft ATR 72-500Aerosoft Flight Simulation X
Aerospatiale ConcordeCanadian Xpress® ConcordeCanadian Xpress®XXX X
Aerospatiale ConcordeConcorde-XFlight Sim Labs XX
Aerospatiale ConcordeColimata-ConcordeConcorde FXP X
Airbus A220-300Airbus 220 Series PackVirtualcol XXX
Airbus A318-111Canadian Xpress® A318-111Canadian Xpress® XXX
Airbus A318-111Airbus A318Aerosoft Flight Simulation XXX
Airbus A318-111Airbus Xtreme PrologueBlackBox Simulation XXX
Airbus A318-111Airbus Series v.1 EvolutionWilco Publishing X
Airbus A319-111Canadian Xpress® A319-111Canadian Xpress®XXXXX
Airbus A319-111Airbus A319Aerosoft Flight Simulation XXX
Airbus A319-111Airbus Xtreme PrologueBlackBox Simulation XXX
Airbus A319-111Airbus A319XFlight Sim Labs XXX
Airbus A319-111Airbus A319ToLiss Simulations X
Airbus A319-111Airbus Series v.1Wilco PublishingXX
Airbus A319-111Airbus Series v.1 EvolutionWilco PublishingXX
Airbus A320-200Canadian Xpress® A320-200Canadian Xpress®XXXXX
Airbus A320-200Airbus A320Aerosoft Flight Simulation XXX
Airbus A320-200Airbus Xtreme PrologueBlackBox Simulation XXX
Airbus A320-200Airbus A320XFlight Sim Labs XXX
Airbus A320-200Airbus Series v.1Wilco PublishingXX
Airbus A320-200Airbus Series v.1 EvolutionWilco PublishingXX
Airbus A321-231Canadian Xpress® A321-231Canadian Xpress®XXXX
Airbus A321-231Airbus A321Aerosoft Flight Simulation XXX
Airbus A321-231Airbus Xtreme PrologueBlackBox Simulation XXX
Airbus A321-231Airbus Series v.1Wilco PublishingXX
Airbus A321-231Airbus Series v.1 EvolutionWilco PublishingXX
Airbus A321-231A321-231 IAEPA Peters Aircraft X
Airbus A330-200Canadian Xpress® A330-200Canadian Xpress®XXXX
Airbus A330-200Airbus Widebody Xtreme PrologueBlackBox Simulation XXX
Airbus A330-200Airbus Series v.2Wilco PublishingXX
Airbus A330-200Airbus Series v.2 EvolutionWilco PublishingXX
Airbus A330-200A330-243 Airliner JAR Design XX
Airbus A330-343A330-300 Professional Aerosoft Flight Simulation X
Airbus A340-313Canadian Xpress® A340-313Canadian Xpress®XX
Airbus A340-313Airbus Widebody Xtreme PrologueBlackBox Simulation XXX
Airbus A340-313Airbus Series v.2Wilco PublishingXX
Airbus A340-313Airbus Series v.2 EvolutionWilco PublishingXX
Airbus A380-800Canadian Xpress® A380-800Canadian Xpress®XXXXX
Airbus A380-800Airbus A380 v.2Wilco Publishing X
BAe JetStream 31Canadian Xpress® BAe JS31Canadian Xpress®XXX
BAe JetStream 31BAe JetStream SuperVirtualCol FS SoftwareXXXX
BAe JetStream 4100BAe JetStream 4100PMDG X
Beechcraft 1900DCanadian Xpress® Beech 1900DCanadian Xpress®XXX X
Beechcraft 1900DBeechcraft 1900D HDCarenado XXXXX
Beechcraft 1900DBeechcraft 1900D PMDG ExpressPMDGXX
Beechcraft Baron B55Milviz B55Milviz Flight Simulations XXX
Beechcraft King Air 350Canadian Xpress® King Air 350Canadian Xpress® XXX
Beechcraft King Air 350Milviz KA350iMilviz Flight Simulations X
Beechcraft V35B BonanzaCanadian Xpress® V35 BonanzaCanadian Xpress®XXXX
Beechcraft V35B BonanzaAccu-Sim BonanzaA2A Simulations XXX
Beechcraft V35B BonanzaV35B BonanzaCarenado XXXX
Beechcraft Piston DukeBeechcraft Piston DukeCanadian Xpress®XXX
Beechcraft Turbine DukeBeechcraft Turbine DukeCanadian Xpress®XXX
Beechcraft Piston DukeBeechcraft Piston DukeRealAir Simulations XX
Beechcraft Piston DukeBeechcraft Piston Duke V2RealAir Simulations XXX
Beechcraft Turbine DukeBeechcraft Turbine DukeRealAir Simulations XX
Beechcraft Turbine DukeBeechcraft Turbine Duke V2RealAir Simulations XXX
Bell 205 HueyCanadian Xpress® Bell 205 HueyCanadian Xpress®XXX
Bell 205 HueyHuey XAerosoft Flight Simulation XX
Bell 205 HueyUH-1H Huey ReduxMilviz Flight Simulations XXX
Bell 430Canadian Xpress® Bell 430Canadian Xpress®XXX
Boeing 717-200TFDi Design 717TFDi Design XXX
Boeing 727-200FCanadian Xpress® B727-200Canadian Xpress®XXXX
Boeing 727-200F 727 Captain Sim1Captain Sim XX
Boeing 727-200F727 Series CompleteFlyJSim X
Boeing 727-200F727 Series Professional V3FlyJSim X
Boeing 737-200FCanadian Xpress® B737-200Canadian Xpress®XX X
Boeing 737-200F 737 Captain Sim2Captain Sim XXX
Boeing 737-200FBoeing 737-200cMilviz Flight Simulations XXX
Boeing 737-200F732 TwinJetFlyJSim X
Boeing 737-300Canadian Xpress® B737-300Canadian Xpress®XXXX
Boeing 737-300737 Pilot In CommandWilco PublishingXX
Boeing 737-300737 Pilot In Command EvolutionWilco Publishing XX
Boeing 737-300737 ClassicIXEG X
Boeing 737-700Canadian Xpress® B737-700Canadian Xpress® XXX X
Boeing 737-700iFly 737NGiFly XXX
Boeing 737-700PMDG 737NGX3PMDG XXX
Boeing 737-700PMDG 737NGXu4PMDG X
Boeing 737-900NGCanadian Xpress® B737-900Canadian Xpress®XXXX X
Boeing 737-900NGiFly 737NGiFly XXX
Boeing 737-900NGPMDG 739NGXuPMDG X
Boeing 747-400Canadian Xpress® B747-400Canadian Xpress®XXXX X
Boeing 747-400iFly Boeing 747-400iFly XXX
Boeing 747-400747-400(X) Queen of the SkiesPMDGXX
Boeing 747-400747-400 Queen of the Skies IIPMDG XXX
Boeing 747-8FCanadian Xpress® B747-8FCanadian Xpress® XXX
Boeing 747-8F747-8F Queen of the Skies IIPMDG XXX
Boeing 757-200FCanadian Xpress® B757-200Canadian Xpress®XX
Boeing 757-200F 757 Captain Sim5Captain SimXXXX
Boeing 757-200FUltimate 757 CollectionQualityWings SimulationsXXXX
Boeing 757-200FBoeing 757 Pro ExtendedX-Plane.Org X
Boeing 757-200FBoeing 757 v2 Pro ExtendedX-Plane.Org X
Boeing 767-300ERCanadian Xpress® B767-300ERCanadian Xpress®XXX
Boeing 767-300ER767 CaptainCaptain Sim XX
Boeing 767-300ERLevel-D 767-300ERLevel-D SimulationsXXX
Boeing 767-300ERBoeing 767-300 ER ProfessionalFlight Factor XX
Boeing 777-200LRCanadian Xpress® B777-200LRCanadian Xpress®XX
Boeing 777-200LRPMDG 777-200LRPMDG XXX
Boeing 777-200LRModern Airline Collection 777Wilco PublishingXX
Boeing 777-200LRBoeing 777 Worldliner ProfessionalX-Plane.Org XX
Boeing 777-300ERCanadian Xpress® B777-300ERCanadian Xpress®XX
Boeing 777-300ERPMDG 777-300ERPMDG XXX
Boeing 777-300ERBoeing 777 Worldliner ProfessionalX-Plane.Org XX
Boeing 787-8 DreamlinerCanadian Xpress® B787 DreamlinerCanadian Xpress®XXX
Boeing 787-8 DreamlinerUltimate 787 CollectionQualityWings Simulations XXX
Boeing C-17 Globemaster IIICanadian Xpress® Boeing C-17Canadian Xpress®XXXXX
Boeing C-17 Globemaster IIIBoeing C-17 Globemaster IIIVirtavia XXXX
Boeing CH-47D ChinookCH-47D ChinookMilviz/Nemeth XXX
Bombardier CRJ-700Canadian Xpress® CRJ-700Canadian Xpress®XXXX
Bombardier CRJ-700CRJ 700 XAerosoft Flight Simulation XXX
Bombardier CRJ-700CRJ Series PackVirtualcol XXX
Bombardier CRJ-700Regional Jet Vol.1 - CRJWilco PublishingXX
Bombardier CRJ-700CRJ NextGen CRJ-700Wilco Publishing XX
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400Canadian Xpress® Dash 8-Q400Canadian Xpress®XX X
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400MJC8 Q400Majestic Software XXX
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400Dash 8 Series XVirtualcol XXX
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400Dash 8 Q400FlyJSim XX
British Aerospace Avro RJ100Ultimate 146 CollectionQualityWings SimulationsXXXX
Cessna C152Cessna C152 IICarenado XXX
Cessna C152Flying Club 152 / FS Insider C152Just FlightXXX
Cessna C152Canadian Xpress® Cessna C152Canadian Xpress® X
Cessna C172 SkyhawkCanadian Xpress® C172 SkyHawkCanadian Xpress® XXXXX
Cessna C172 SkyhawkAccu-Sim C172 TrainerA2A Simulations XXX
Cessna C185 AmphibianC185F Skywagon BushCarenadoXXXXX
Cessna C185 TaildraggerC185F Skywagon BushCarenadoXXXXX
Cessna C208B Grand CaravanCanadian Xpress® C208BCanadian Xpress® XXX
Cessna C208B Grand CaravanCessna C208B Grand CaravanCarenado XXXX
Cessna 750 Citation XCanadian Xpress® Citation XCanadian Xpress® XXX
Cessna 750 Citation XCitation X v2.0Eaglesoft Development Group XXX
Cirrus SR-20Canadian Xpress® SR-20Canadian Xpress®XXX
Cirrus SR-20Cirrus SR22 GTSX TurboCarenado XXX
Cirrus SR-20Cirrus SR22 G2/G3 & GTSXEaglesoft Development Group XXX
Dehavilland DHC-2 BeaverDHC-2 Tundra BeaverMilviz Flight Simulations XXX
Dehavilland DHC-2F BeaverDHC-2 Float BeaverMilviz Flight Simulations XXX
Dehavilland DHC-3 OtterDHC-3 OtterMilviz Flight Simulations XXX
Dehavilland DHC-3F OtterDHC-3 Otter AmphibianMilviz Flight Simulations XXX
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300Canadian Xpress® Twin OtterCanadian Xpress®XX X
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300DHC-6 Twin Otter XAerosoft Flight Simulation XX
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300DHC-6 Twin Otter X ExtendedAerosoft Flight Simulation XXX
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300DHC-6 Twin OtterRW Designs XX
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 Series v2RW Designs X
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300FCanadian Xpress® Twin OtterCanadian Xpress®XX X
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300FDHC-6 Twin Otter XAerosoft Flight Simulation XX
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300FDHC-6 Twin Otter X ExtendedAerosoft Flight Simulation XXX
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300FDHC-6 Twin OtterRW Designs XX
DeHavilland Dash 6-Q300FDHC-6 Twin Otter 300 Series v2RW Designs X
DeHavilland Dash 7-Q101Canadian Xpress® Dash 7Canadian Xpress®XXX X
Douglas DC-3Canadian Xpress® Douglas DC-3Canadian Xpress®XXXX X
Douglas DC-3Douglas R4D/DC-3/C-47Mid-Atlantic Air MuseumXXX
Douglas DC-3Douglas DC-3X-Aviation X
Douglas DC-6BDouglas DC-6B CloudmasterPMDG XXX
Embraer E190-LRCanadian Xpress® E190-LRCanadian Xpress®XX X
Embraer E190-LREmbraer 190 & 195 XVirtualcol XXX
Embraer E190-LRE-jets SeriesWilco PublishingXXX
Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300EMB505 Phenom 300 HD SeriesCarenado XXX
Eurocopter EC-135Canadian Xpress® EC-135Canadian Xpress®XXX X
Eurocopter EC-135Eurocopter EC-135 (FSX)Nemeth Designs XXX
Fairchild-Dornier 328 Jet Dornier 328 Regional Pack6Canadian Xpress® XXX
Fokker F100-650Canadian Xpress® F100-650Canadian Xpress®XX
Fokker F100-650Fokker 70/100Digital Aviation X
Hawker Siddeley HS.748Canadian Xpress® HS.748Canadian Xpress®XXXX
Hawker Siddeley HS.748Just Flight HS 748 ProplinerJust Flight XXX
Icon A5Canadian Xpress® Icon A5Canadian Xpress® XXX
Lockheed C-130 HerculesCanadian Xpress® C-130 HerculesCanadian Xpress®XXXX
Lockheed C-130 Hercules C-130 Hercules7Captain Sim XX
Lockheed L-049 ConstellationL049 ConstellationA2A Simulations XXX
Maule M7-620 AmphibianCanadian Xpress® M7-260Canadian Xpress®XXX
Maule M7-620 TaildraggerCanadian Xpress® M7-260Canadian Xpress®XXX
McDonnell Douglas DC-95Douglas DC-95Sky Simulations XXX
McDonnell Douglas DC-10DC10 Collection HDCommercial Level Simulations XXX
McDonnell Douglas MD-11Canadian Xpress® MD-11Canadian Xpress®XX
McDonnell Douglas MD-11McDonnell Douglas MD-11(X)PMDGXX
McDonnell Douglas MD-83Canadian Xpress® MD-83Canadian Xpress®XXX
McDonnell Douglas MD-83Super 80 ProFlight 1 Software X
McDonnell Douglas MD-83Fly the Maddog XLeonardo SH XXX
McDonnell Douglas MD-83Maddog X MD83 Variant PackLeonardo SH XXX
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60Mitsubishi MU-2B-60Flysimware XXX
Piaggio P-180 AvantiCanadian Xpress® P180Canadian Xpress®XXXX
Piaggio P-180 AvantiPiaggio P180 Avanti IIWilco Publishing X
Pilatus PC-12Canadian Xpress® PC-12Canadian Xpress®XX
Pilatus PC-12PC12 HD SeriesCarenado XXXXX
Pilatus PC-12Pilatus PC-12Flight 1 SoftwareXXX
Pilatus PC-24 Pilatus PC-24 SVJIRIS Simulations XXX
Piper PA-28R Arrow III PA28 Arrow IIIJust Flight XXX X
1 727 Freight Expansion Pack required.
2 737 Freighter Expansion Pack Required.
3 737 NGX Expansion Package Required.
4 737 NGXu Expansion Package Required.
5 757 Freighter Expansion Pack Required.
6 Aircraft is available free of charge exclusively to Canadian Xpress® pilots.
7 Extra Pack II Required.

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